87.0% THC      2.20% Terpenes

An indica-dominant cross, this unique pheno of Banana Punch was grown from seeds bred by Symbiotic Genetics out of Sacramento. It delivers a sweet and sour tropical citrus flavour accented by a notable hint of rich banana.

It all starts with fresh-frozen organic cannabis flower. Peak terpene levels are captured at harvest by freezing the whole flower and then extracting it into a live resin. Rigorous attention to detail and a well refined set of temperature recipes are then used to ensure the finest diamond extract possible. Our unique process allows us to separate the diamonds from the sauce in such a way that ensures the dryness of the diamond finished product, while also maintaining sufficient terpene content for a genuinecultivar experience.

As high-potency isolates, these crystalline forms can be consumed just like most concentrates. Heating the diamonds through smoking or vaporization is the best way to enjoy their full potential and fast-acting effects. They can also be enjoyed with whole-flower cannabis products to add an extra level of potency. Once heated, the THCA diamonds melt and convert into the active ingredient THC.

Terpene Profile: beta-Caryophyllene/ Limonene/ alpha-Humulene


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