46.2% THC      8.9% Total Tepenes

Tasty nuggets of locally grown hand trimmed “AAAA” whole bud doused with a delicious tasty drizzle of honey like resin and then carefully rolled in a soft blanket of kief. Featuring the popular strain of “OG Lime Killer” stemming from a cross of lineage between Starkiller and Lemon OG Haze. This combination is EXTREMELY popular in the legacy market. Potently high ranges of THC between 40-50% and showcasing smooth, fruity, flavourful mixes with a hint of citrus. Sought after by cannabis connoisseurs and featuring a 1/1 ratio of flower to resin then finished off smothered in rich powdery kief. If you ever wanted to go to space, this is out of this world!

Terpene Profile: Limonene/ Myrcene/ Caryophyllene


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