Clear CBD 100 is made with just two ingredients: a highly purified CBD distillate, and a premium MCT carrier oil. This virtually flavourless and odourless tincture is a convenient way to consume an industry-leading dose of 100 mg/g CBD. Just drop the desired dose under your tongue or add it to your favourite recipe! And with our highly efficient, 10-step CO2 extraction method, our Clear CBD line provides users with unmatched clarity and purity.

1 review for Floresense – Clear CBD Oil

  1. Lori Connell

    It’s says I should take 40 mi but theshringe only goes up to 1mg how much should I take for pain and axiaity

    • Christian Nedjelski

      Christian Nedjelski

      Hi Lori,

      With the this oil if you took that full dropper it would be 1ml which would give you 100mg dose. So if you are looking for a 40mg dose fill that dropper to the 0.4 mark and that is where you will get the 40mg dose. If you have any more questions about it please do not hesitate to call the store at 306-882-2559. Thanks and have a great day!

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