16.3% THC     <1% CBD

Indiva works with small batch, local craft growers to provide the highest quality cannabis to the recreational market that would otherwise restrict these growers from entering due to the current regulatory challenges. HWY 8’s team has over 45 years of experience growing cannabis, with generations of skills and perspectives to pull from. With an exceptional genetic library of over 200 cultivars and 3,000 seeds, HWY 8 aims to change the industry by focusing on high-quality, high-potency strains. HWY 8 Golden Pineapple is a cross between Golden Goat and Pineapple Kush and is grown in an indoor controlled environment to produce a clean, premium product. Each plant is grown in Pro Mix soil, then hang dried in rooms that are both temperature and humidity controlled. The plants are then hand trimmed to ensure the integrity of each bud is intact. Golden Pineapple has tight, light green buds with a hint of amber. They’re sticky and spongy to the touch, and with a sweet and fruity smell. This 10 pack of prerolls provide Sativa leaning Hybrid effects and is a great day time smoke.


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