Proudly developed in BC and covered with snowy trichomes, the high-THC buds burst with flavours of blueberries, mangos, green grapes, Thai basil, mint, and cloves.

Featuring high-THC potential, our White Rhino is a classic ‘BC bud’ strain, developed here before it became popular across Canada. An indica-dominant hybrid of White Widow and proprietary strains from Brazil and India, our selected phenotype is both potent and intensely flavourful. Nearly hidden beneath a cover of snowy trichomes, the leaves of this compact bud showcase a variety of colours, ranging from sea green to lime peel, with splashes of amethyst. White Rhino was specifically selected for its fruity aromas of blueberries and mangos (myrcene), green grapes (pinene), and Thai basil (caryophyllene).


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