38.8% THC     <1% CBD

Dab Bods Hawaiian Shatter Infused Pre Rolls are a new twist on Canada’s favorite form of concentrate mixed with the most convenient form of flower. Featuring a 3 pack of 0.5 gram pre rolls combined with delicate fragments of shatter, these easy to consume joints are sure to impress. Offering full spectrum shatter already famous for being popular and potent, this sativa dominant strain is recognized for its smooth experience and happy, peaceful effects – reminiscent of a tropical party of flavours while you are relaxing on the beach. The parental genetics are a perfect combination of Pineapple Express and Amnesia Haze. Using Butane Hydrocarbon extraction techniques and some of our most popular grown flower, we bring to you a synergistic pack with some killer entourage effects seen only in full spectrum products.


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